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How to get in contact with us:

PO Box 192
Richmond, IL 60071

PresidentMaureen Brady
1st Vice-PresidentSteve Horton
2nd Vice-PresidentSandra Braid
SecretaryRoger Higgs
TreasurerAnn Wells
DirectorLinda Robertson
DirectorArlyn Booth
DirectorRhonda Smerchek

The Board of Directors is made up of the elected officers and the Immediate Past President

You can contact our president by e-mail.

To minimize the chance that any e-mail message sent to us will be misclassified as SPAM, we recommend that you use a meaningful subject line.

Personal contact information for most of the volunteers listed on this page can be found on page 2 of the most recent issue of the BIGWILL News.

The BIGWILL standing committees:

CommitteeChairOther Members
LibraryArlyn Booth (Librarian)Margaret Zook
MembershipAnn Wells
NewsletterAl Munn (Newsletter Editor)
ProgrammingSandra Braid
PublicityMerilyn Romani
RefreshmentsPrudy Sullivan
Society HistorianMaureen Brady
Immediate Past PresidentDick Gilbert