Saturday, 18 May 2024 Meeting, 10 AM CDT

In person at the Richmond Community Church, 5714 Broadway, Richmond, IL 60071; and virtually via ZOOM by registering here.  

Join us for our annual "Double Meeting" with speaker Debra Dudek. The two presentations are “Maleficarum and Misfortune – Records and Resources for Tracing Accused Witches” and after lunch, “Victorian Mourning Customs – Lifting the Veil off Morbid Genealogical Treasures."

Please note: Lunch will be provided for those in attendance.  A monetary donation to help offset the cost will be appreciated.

“Maleficarum and Misfortune – Records and Resources for Tracing Accused Witches” reviewing witch trial records and resources from England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland from 1500 to 1717. For over two centuries, individuals accused of witchcraft did not live by the principle of “innocent until proven guilty” – if you made it to trial, the law heavily presumed guilt. Legal documentation generated from these trials survive for modern-day genealogists.

“Victorian Mourning Customs – Lifting the Veil off Morbid Genealogical Treasures” giving us a glimpse into the customs and rituals of death in Victorian Britain and North America. Genealogists can thank the Victorians for the “cult of mourning” which generated a fantastic assortment of keepsakes, mementos, and paperwork. Discover how these materials and the cultural attitudes toward grief can be researched with the help of modern tools and new resources.

Debra M. Dudek is Head of Adult and Teen Services at the Fountaindale Public Library District in Bolingbrook, Illinois. She holds a post graduate certificate in Genealogical Palaeographic and Heraldic Studies from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland. Ms. Dudek is the Book Review Editor of the Illinois State Genealogical Society, a board member of the Illinois State Historical Society, and Chapter Librarian of the Chicago Chapter NSDAR.

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