BIGWILL has accumulated a small library of books and newsletters, primarily intended for the use of its members. Some of the books have been purchased by BIGWILL, while most of the books have been donated by members. The society exchanges newsletters with several societies, especially those with a common interest in British Isles genealogy; the newsletters we receive via exchange are also part of this library. For a number of years this collection of books and newsletters was kept in the Nippersink Library in Richmond. The McHenry Public Library invited BIGWILL to integrate its collection into their substantial genealogy collection.

So that the BIGWILL membership can have a better sense of what books the society holds, we are posting a list of those books. This list has been used up until now mostly for our own record keeping; it probably has some errors of various sorts, but even in this unpolished state it should serve to give a picture of what we own. Click here to view a PDF file containing this list. Note that none of the newsletters we hold are included in this list yet. You can also consult the McHenry Public Library Catalog to look for resources in that library with particular titles or on particular subjects, whether or not they are owned by BIGWILL.

The BIGWILL library collection is overseen by Maureen Brady, with help from Margaret Zook.