Past Presentations

Handouts from some earlier BIGWILL presentations:

Photo Retouching in Genealogical Research, by Larry L. Pepper (17 March 2012). Handout (4 pages)

Quaker Family History Research, by Maureen Brady (18 May 2013). Handout (4 pages)

The First Frontiersmen: The Scots-Irish, by Maureen Brady (18 May 2013). Handout (4 pages)

Using National Archives Administrative Records For Genealogy, by Joan Kitchen Murray (16 November 2013). Handout (2 pages)

Being Legal: Citing Sources and Following Copyright Laws, by Ann Wells (15 November 2014). Bibliography (1 page)

Skeletons in our Closets: Researching a Family Scandal / Some Sources for Online Historical Newspapers, by Robin B. Seidenberg (16 July 2016). Bibliography (2 pages)

Preserving Family Heirlooms, by Tina Beaird (17 September 2016). Photo Preservation booklet (7 pages); Preserving Family Heirlooms (14 PowerPoint “slides”); Preserving Family Heirlooms booklet (5 pages)

Scotland’s Resources: There’s More to Scottish Research than Scotland’s People, by Tina Beaird (20 May 2017). Scotland’s Resources / Searching Beyond Scotland’s People (25 pages, 25 MB!); Scottish Genealogy Bibliography (1 page)

Scottish Chain Migration to Illinois: Three Case Studies, by Tina Beaird (20 May 2017). Scottish Chain Migration to Illinois (5 pages)

Mapping the Past: Navigating Your Family History with Maps, by Daniel Hubbard (16 September 2017). Mapping the Past (2 pages)

Compiling Your Medical Family Tree, by Marsha Peterson-Maass (17 November 2018). Compiling Your Medical Family Tree (1 page)

Pinning Down Your Past: Adding Social Media to Your Genealogical Repertoire, by Tina Beaird (21 September 2019). Pinning Down Your Past (7 pages)

FamilySearch Update, by Maureen Brady (2 April 2022). FamilySearch Update (11 pages)

Irish Family History Research: The Essentials, by Maureen Brady (15 July 2022). Irish Family History Research Essentials (3 pages)